Sabina Fiorentini is a certified Personal Chef, caterer and food blogger.
Cooking for her means taking care of others, taking them by the hand to a joyful and emotional place where they can feel free and happy to learn in a creative way. She can’t do without tradition in her cuisine, transforming it with a creative and innovative eye, enriching it with flavour and tastes from foreign countries.
That’s what she has always done in her food blog, cook ‘n’ book.

She obtained a diploma as Personal Chef at Gambero Rosso, is co-founder member of the Italian Food Bloggers’ Association – AIFB, has published recipes in food magazines and books. She’s also a certificated teacher of Italian language for foreigners.
She has worked as sworn certificate translator and has a university degree in Economics.

In the past few years, cooking has become her primary activity and led her to completely change her professional career by opening a cookery school, so cook! , her never-never land, her dream come true.
She will bring her wide and varied background and experience to the classroom, creating for you an enjoyable way to fine-tune your culinary skills and a great way to spend time together in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.



Welcome to so cook! where you can live a fantastic learning experience, cooking, tasting, watching and having fun.
Our facility can accommodate up to 12 students for hands-on cooking classes, depending on the lesson, and up to 25-30 guests for private lunches and tailored made menus. A state-of-the-art professional kitchen is the setting for the lessons. Every student will have an individual work station.

Around the kitchen a vintage style dining room can accommodate your traditional lunches. The perfect space to feel at home and enjoy an Italian family-style meal.



There are many interesting and enjoyable activities that you can do at so cook!
You can enjoy typical local menu, learn the secrets of Italian cuisine and the art of shopping around traditional food markets and shops. You can also get professional shooting of your culinary experience, bring home genuine ingredients, have a traditional picnic in the nearby valley of Caffarella, and learn small bites of Italian language in a relaxed atmosphere:

    Our recreational lessons are offered during the day and in the evening. Learn the magic of Italian cuisine, experimenting with traditional recipes for yourself. The lively atmosphere of the school equally facilitates learning and participation, and all livened up with fun!You can choose from a variety of themes for your hands-on cooking classes: from the joy of home-made pasta, to a range of regional recipes, to the sweetness of Italian desserts and traditional menus. Our cooking classes highlight the use of seasonal ingredients.The typical class lasts from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the subject and has a maximum number of students of 12-14. Private individual lessons and wine tasting classes are available upon request. The typical class begins with a tour into the nearby local market to learn to recognise high quality ingredients and with a small tasting of local products before starting the lesson. Once back at the school it is time to put on the apron and start cooking. This will be the chance to get a grasp of basic cooking techniques and an understanding of essential Italian ingredients.

    Once finished, students will dine on the fruits of their labour, along with a tasting of selected Italian wines. They will go home with recipes from the lesson, so they can re-create the same feast at home.
    Professional photo records of the experience, typical meal kits with vacuum-packed fresh ingredients to bring back home, cooking utensils to reproduce traditional Italian recipes (i.e. rolling pin, gnocchi board, puntarelle cutter etc.) picnic and tours at the nearby park of the Caffarella, are available at an additional charge. Please let us know in advance if any of these items are desired.
    Lesson fees vary according to the type of lesson, time and day of the week. Special rates for groups are also available. For more information on customised Italian cooking lessons in English or to book your lesson contact us.
    If you prefer joining our daily classes see calendar for availability. Daily lessons are in Italian but can be held also in English at an additional charge.

    A Personal Chef for your cooking events at so cook!
    Our facilities serve not only as a place to hold our cooking and wine classes but work perfectly also for private events.
    Enjoy a private dinner, a cocktail or a festive event in an intimate and unique venue. The dining room, outside the kitchen, is connected to it by a monitor. You will be able to follow the behind-the-scenes preparation of the food. Custom designed menus are available to let you enjoy the full range of Italian cooking. You can choose from a variety of traditional or creative proposals accompanied by specially selected Italian wines. Originality, attention to detail, impeccable service and excellent seasonal food, are our hallmarks. And if you are an expat living and working in Italy, we can arrange for you the perfect programme to discover the city and make new friends.
    For more information about menus and pricing and to reserve your event  contact us.


so cook!
Via M. Menghini 99/101
00179 – Rome
Mobile: +39 334.1656938
Phone: +39 06.7811172
e-mail: info@socook.it
internet: www.socook.it
blog: www.cooknbook.org

The easiest way to reach us is from Colli Albani metro station on the A line. Leave the station using Exit Via Menghini (turn left after you come up the stairs, walk up until the end of the tunnel and take the exit right). Continue to the traffic lights after the kiosk and turn left onto Via Menghini. Walk on for approximately 3 minutes. The school is located at the end of the street, on the left side, before the entrance to the Caffarella Park.

You can also reach the school by bus. The bus line 87 stops in front on the school.
Colli Albani is the terminus of bus lines 87, 660, 663 and 664.

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