Cooking classes in English

Our private cooking classes in English are based on real family recipes handed down through the generations and range from pizza making to a Gnocchi adventure. Classes that are held in English are all private classes. We can either provide a three-hour cooking class OR a 3 hour class combined with a 2 hour trip to the market for fresh produce and ingredients.

We can also accommodate dietary restrictions including vegetarian options.

You can choose from a variety of themes for your hands-on cooking classes. Here are some examples:

  • Learning the secrets of Fresh pasta and home-made ragù: knead, roll, cut, taste and have fun!
  • Cooking with Roman zucchini (seasonal lesson). Delicious, sweet, tender: one special ingredient for many tasty traditional preparations.
  • Cooking with Roman artichokes (seasonal lesson). Roman or Jewish style, fried or stewed, a unique product for a world of taste.
  • Gnocchi adventure (seasonal lesson): potato, roman-style with semolina, spinach. Choose your favorite one!
  • Making a good highly hydrated Roman pizza at home: new techniques for a traditional recipe. Make a perfect pizza at home.
  • Roman Style Pasta: Enjoy a perfect carbonara, amatriciana and cacio e pepe.
  • Risotto time! Learn how to make perfect, creamy, delicious risotto with season ingredients.
  • Traditional fried food: crispy traditional treats. Discover the secrets of deep frying.
  • Summer traditional roman style cooking. Stuffed season vegetables, rich and savoury meat dishes according to the summer style cooking tradition.
  • Italian traditional first courses: Pesto, Oil and Garlic, Tuna or Tomato and Basil. Simple, delicious recipes for a unique taste experience.
  • Traditional Fish first courses: clams, tuna, bottarga’ or salted cod. Sea delicious garnish for a perfect pasta.
  • Piovono polpette! (traditional vegetarian and meatballs).
  • Italian traditional pastry: sweet treats for special occasions.

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Not only our space serves as a place to hold our cooking classes, but it works perfectly also for private events.

Enjoying a typical local menu or having a traditional pic nic in the nearby valley of Caffarella are some more activities you can enjoy at so cook!

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